Swallow Falls State park is one of the most beautiful and unique locations in the Deep Creek Lake area. This State park has one of the tallest falls in Maryland, at 53ft tall known as "Muddy Creek Falls" that flows directly into the might Youghiogheny river. The state park features over 1 1/4 mile walking trail that leads directly to the falls throughout the park. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or avid hiker, Swallow falls is a Must SEE at Deep Creek Lake.

Deep Creek Lake State Park

What better way to explore the lake than at Deep Creek Lake State Park! Whether hiking, biking, or boating, Deep Creek Lake State Park is a family favorite. You will find this destination offering so much to see, do, and discover. With miles of trails, abundant flora and fauna, and a wonderful sandy beach, this park is the perfect place to spend the day. You can even bring the family dog along!


Winter time at Deep Creek Lake is enacting in the scenery alone. Did you know that we have a Ski resort with in view of your Home. Located directly across the lake from your Home at Sunset Village is the Wisp Ski Resort, which offer superb skiing and snowboarding for skills and ages. If your a beginner or a seasoned shredder the slopes at wisp is sure to be thrill your looking for! If your not into the skiing then the tubing park may be your place! Fun for all ages!     


So many things to do at Deep Creek Lake during the summer. With over 3900 acres of water to enjoy the actives can be endless. Want to rent a boat? There are several boat rentals available locally to choose from, pontoons, fishing, recreational, or jet skis. Maybe you want to relax at your own pace, kayaks, paddled boards, and canoes are all also locally available for rent or bring your own. Deep Creek Lake offers some of the best freshwater fishing in all of Maryland, so bring your bait and tackle and get ready for the big one!


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